BTCR Hackathon 2019

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Welcome to the 2019 BTCR Hackathon

This remote hackathon is August 5-9, 2019. Details below.

Daily Meetings

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BTCR Resources

BTCR Resources

What is BTCR?

Our medium article BTCR Method Updates has a summary of the BTCR (Bitcoin Reference) DID (Decentralized Identifier) method, progress so far, and next steps. It also contains links to the latest BTCR documentation and libraries.

Who is involved with BTCR?

Our ongoing work is primarily volunteer-based. We are a ragtag bunch of well-meaning, quasi-cypherpunk/cryptoanarchic, yet exceedingly goofy folks, committed to supporting privacy and individual rights through development of an independent and fully open DID method. Some critical aspects of our work (mobile wallet, library development) have been furthered by support from from Blockchain Commons, Digital Contract Design, and the Shuttleworth Foundation.

We are eager to get more people involved, and this hackathon will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas with others interested in BTCR.

What to expect

We will kick off the hackathon with our first remote sync up (details below). There we’ll introduce ourselves, interests, and develop a rough game plan for the week. The core devs will be available to answer questions and collaborate on design.

We have quite a few specific outcomes we’d like to achieve, but we encourage you to bring your own suggestions as well. We are looking for all kinds of participants – not just developers. For example, if you are interested in these ideas, and you love writing, translating to non-technical audiences, or distilling complex concepts, we would love for you to join us.

For an example of past BTCR hackathons, see the 2017 BTCR Hackathon repo

Proposed Hackathon Activities

Daily Hackathon Sync-ups

What’s next

We are timing this hackathon to gain momentum in advance of Rebooting Web of Trust 9 in Prague. We won’t finish all the activities above, but the hackathon should help us make progress and transfer knowledge to a broader group of new BTCR contributers.