BTCR Hackathon 2019

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BTCR Hackathon Day 1

August 5, 2019

Table of Contents

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  1. BTCR orientation (5 minutes)
  2. Brief introductions to understand everyone’s background and interests (20 minutes)
  3. Q&A + Priorities (25 minutes)
    • BTCR as an issuer DID method for DIF’s interop-athon
    • Others?
      • - Multiple iOS wallets - Electron wallet
  4. Plan for the week (10 minutes)

BTCR Orientation

Note: moved to common location

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Kim Hamilton: @kimdhamilton co-chair w3c-ccg. got involved several years ago, because other did methods were bound to bespoke blockchains, which obfuscates many of the design aspects of DIDs. It is becoming important that independent DIDs. Having it nailed as self-sovereign standard, not dominated by huge companies, is important.

Christopher Allen: co-chair w3c-ccg. This is the first DID method. We figured out how to resolve complications by establishing it’s possible on bitcoin. This helped inform other permissionless blockchain-based implementations and permissioned. Implementation has lagged because there’s no VC-backing. Because we are close to fundamentals of bitcoin, there’s a lot of great work we can do. Advantages: We can take advantage of censorship resistance properties of Bitcoin. Also can help enable e.g. Amira use case (see link above) as a representative use case.

Matt Collier: @mattcollier on the discourse group. Back room person for Digital Bazaar. Here today to help with verifiable credentials. We’ve thrown together a VC command-line tool that supports bitcoin keys. We are a javascript shop, so we have a repository for did-io that has drivers and methods for did resolving. maybe a plugin for btcr?

Michael Hawkins: @hawkmauk Based in the UK. Interests are human rights, privacy, bitcoin. Following for ~last few years after encountering hyperledger indy project. BTCR stood out as a good implementation. Investigated lightning approach. Background: professional services rather than dev. Enthusiastic contributor. Python, Java background, learning C++. Hope to learn about BTCR this week

Brett Doffing: Slapping together an iOS wallet for learning purposes :)

Anthony Ronning: software engineer at learning machine, digital credentials for blockcerts. last year created an electron wallet, interested in additional librarys, pythod, javascript c#, etc.

Muharem Hrnjadovic:, have skills in Python and Go, did quite a bit of backend development. Have knowledge of BTC, never wrote software in the crypto space though. Based in CH, philosophically aligned with self-sovereignty and interested in contributing.

Dan Pape: @danpape I’ve been involved with #RWOT and BTCR for a couple years, and when I started there was a need for a reference implementation of bech32 and txref to support BIP136. I helped pushed through the changes on that BIP–we wanted to add a few extra bits to the spec so that we can point to UTXO output in a specific transaction. Been working on command line apps, working on various other utilities. Over last six month, there have been some issues of best representation of DID document. Been working on a JSON-LD implementation. Excited to help out.

Ryan Grant: I heard about DIDs in 2016, the BTCR one sounded solid but need a specification (was on whiteboard) at subsequent RWOT we got parts of it on paper. Background in python and C++. Goals this week to work on the spec text a bit more. Not setting high programming goals this week, but hopes to get a server running Kulpreet’s bitcoin explorer Go code.

Markus Sabadello: @peacekeeper In Vienna, now coeditor of DID spec, implemented an early driver for BTCR the DIF Universal Resolver and Universal Registrar, did my own implementation of a number of things that probably need revision. I can do round trip of creating/resolving BTCR DIDs, but not sure that they are up to date. Resolving BTCR DIDs should following the tip, but he doesn’t have support for update and deactivate.

Shivam: From India, currently working as blockchain consultant. Doing research on DIDs, which is how he learned about W3C. Currently working on DID-based method on sawtooth. Golang, experience in Identity and Access Mgmt

Yancy Ribbens: Software engineer at Credly. For hackathon, interested in working on getting working implemenetation. If anything to help with re update resolution, happy to help. Interested in Cryptography, Lightning. BTCR is one of the most decentralized methods. In working group for VCs.

Joe Andrieu: another ccg cochair. At last RWOT he worked on Jupyter-inspired notebook for showing how BTCR works, Satyrn, at I’ll be working on a Satyrn tutorial for BTCR.

Q&A and Prioritization Discussion

Big issues


Goals for the week

What’s needed to achieve Goal 1

### What’s needed to achieve Goal 2

Other possible tasks

Action Items

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Specific Action Items

Plan for the week