BTCR Hackathon 2019

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BTCR Day 3

Status, Checkin

Joe: Satyrn, focusing on scope reduction

Shivam + Mahendra: BTCR on signet. Had problems (Note: we decided testnet)

Matt Collier: Working on canonical DID document

Anthony: Working to update BTCR electron app to have latest js tools. Added basic wallet support to generate testnet addresses

ChristopherA: review Matt’s canonical implicit DID, need a signing tool to make final DIDs

Dan Pape: DID/txref discussions. TODO update c++ libraries. See

Markus Sabadello: see

Micheal Hawkins: looking at playgrounds, also looking at (pure browser javascript wallet) which doesn’t do testnet yet. This can be run offline and doesn’t rely on external bitcoin libraries

Yancy Ribbens: looking at kulpreet’s github, has some build errors. setting up a linode

Fausto Woelflin: joining for the first time today, interested to learn


Demo: BTCR Electron App

Anthony Ronning presented his BTCR Electron app, to which he recently added wallet functionality. Here’s a screenshot of BTCR DID creation in his app.

Electron BTCR App Screenshot


Note: tracking these as github issues